Kamakura Daibutsu

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Kamakura’s Daibutsu is a beautiful bronze statue built in the mid-13th century (750 years ago) at Kotoku-in Temple. He has been meditating under the sky for about 500 years of those years, after losing the shelter he was originally housed in. When you visit, you might see him soaked in rain, or sweating under the glaring sun, or just enjoying the warm spring sunshine. Whenever you come, his expressive face will touch your heart. Kamakura’s Daibutsu has been kept intact, without any large-scale restorations since it was built.



4-2-28, Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture (Карта) (Направления)

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You can reach Daibustu in three ways, by the Enoden (tram), by bus, and by foot. If you choose the Eno-den, please get off at Hase Station. After passing through the ticket gate, turn right and walk for 7 minutes. If you take a bus, the bus will leave from an East gate terminal (#1 or #6). Pay when you get off at the front of the bus. The fare will be 190 yen. Get off at the “Daibutsu-mae” stop, the one after Hase Kannon. This bus stop is a bit tricky. After you get off the bus, walk back in the direction your bus just came from, and cross the street at the signal. The entrance to Daibutsu is on the left. If you get there in the afternoon, you’ll be fine—just follow the crowds. But if you are an early bird, and no one is there in the morning, it might be confusing. Finally, if you follow a map, walking to Daibutsu is quite easy. You can enjoy a nice stroll. The back streets of Kamakura are beautiful!

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Kamakura Daibutsu


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