Kongorin-ji Temple

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Kongorinji Temple is a peaceful place of respite off the well-beaten path. Venture outside of the popular tourist spots of Kyoto and you’ll find that Shiga Prefecture’s Kongorinji Temple offers a blissful and more personal experience. 



874 Matsuoji, Aishō, Echi District, Shiga 529-1202 (Карта) (Направления)

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Jizo Statues

The Jizo statues on the grounds of Kongorinji Temple are carefully adorned by faithful . Jizo are protectors of children, including the unborn, travelers, and firefighters.

Temple Gardens

These 500-year old gardens have been designated a Place of Scenic Beauty and it’s no wonder. Beautiful in any season, they’re especially popular during autumn.

Eleven-faced Kannon

This hand-carved statue of Kannon shows her eleven faces, placed atop her head. It’s said that the statue bled after being carved, and that the statue holds her soul.

Как добраться

Reach the temple by train to Inae Station, by taxi or by a shuttle bus that runs in November.

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Kongorin-ji Temple


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