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Sparkly and Magical: The Sailor Moon -Eternal- Illumination 2021-2022

Sparkly and Magical: The Sailor Moon -Eternal- Illu...

Nov 13th 2021 - Apr 3rd 2022

November 2021, at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest in Kanagawa Prefecture, the annual Sagamiko Illumination was finally unveiled..

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Kyoto Color Guide

Kyoto Color Guide

Veronica Carnevale

Kyoto Prefecture is renowned for its traditional Japanese culture, temples, shrines, charming countryside, exquisite food, and more...

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Aloha Afternoon Tea 2021

Aloha Afternoon Tea 2021

Jun 1st - Aug 30th 2021

From June 1st (Tuesday) to August 31st (Tuesday), the Tokyo Marriott Hotel will be hosting a Hawaiian-themed event: the Aloha Afternoon..

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