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Horyuji Temple

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Horyuji (法隆寺) is the oldest temple located in Nara prefecture and was established in the Asuka Period over 1,300 years ago. In December of 1993, ..

Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big sight, formally known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, opened in 1995 after four years of construction. Its nearly 231,000 square..

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle (広島城), also known as the Carp Castle, was originally built in 1589. The castle was destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945 with the..

Kumamoto Stadium

Founded in 1998, the beautiful wing-shaped roof is just one of EGAO Kenko Stadium’s features. From the outside, the stadium is surrounded by lush forests..

Huis Ten Bosch

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Huis Ten Bosch is one of the largest theme parks in Japan located in southern Kyushu near Nagasaki. In 1609 the Dutch began trading with Japan not far..

Oita Stadium

With a capacity to seat 40,000 and a fully retractable roof, Oita Stadium stands ready to welcome spectators for the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches. The..

Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe is the second largest convention center in Japan which hosts numerous trade shows, concerts, business conferences, and other events.

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