eSIMs for the win! (Фотография: Holafly)

How to Easily Set-up Your Holafly eSIM

Hassle-free internet access within minutes

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You’ve spent weeks crafting the perfect itinerary and are ready to embark on your trip to Japan. Now, all that is left is to secure an internet solution that can keep up with your exciting journey. Enter, Holafly.

Holafly’s eSIM

Holafly’s Japan eSIM makes travel easy
Holafly’s Japan eSIM makes travel easy (Фотография: Holafly)

Holafly is a company that offers prepaid, international eSIMs whose mission is to “enable all travelers to enjoy Internet connectivity wherever they are.” With eSIM options for 178 destinations (including Japan, of course), 24/7 support, and sustainable business practices, Holafly is an excellent solution for your internet travel needs. The company’s Japan eSIM provides a number of benefits, including—but not limited to—instant activation, easy set-up, unlimited cellular data, and numerous multi-day plans. You don’t even need to change your settings or personal phone number when you travel to another country!

For a more comprehensive overview of the eSIM, please read our article about the best eSIM for your trip to Japan.

How to purchase Holafly’s Japan eSIM

After carefully reviewing the product’s features and restrictions—such as phone compatibility— purchase your Holafly eSIM from their official website. Select your desired plan based on your trip’s duration, choose the quantity, and then add to cart.

Select the perfect plan for you
Select the perfect plan for you (Фотография: Holafly)

You will then be redirected to a secure payment page, where you can choose express checkout (with Apple Pay, PayPal, or Google Pay) or manually fill in the necessary transaction details (i.e. email, billing address, phone number, and card information).

How to set up your eSIM

eSIM set-up is easy
eSIM set-up is easy (Фотография: Holafly)

Once you make your purchase, Holafly will email you a receipt and instructions on how to install and activate your eSIM.

Please note that your eSIM plan will immediately start once you activate it and turn on data roaming. So to avoid starting your plan too early, Holafly recommends installing the eSIM just hours before your trip and then activating it once you arrive at your destination.

eSIM set-up instructions differ for iPhone and Android devices. So below, we will summarize the basics to give you an overview of the process. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Holafly links listed under “Helpful guides and links.”

First, installation:

  • You will receive an email from Holafly with a QR code and an Activation code (one for iPhone and one for Android)
  • Before installing, make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Go to Settings, and find the add eSIM option
  • Here, you can either scan the provided QR code or enter the code manually
    • If you want to scan the QR code, make sure have another device to display the code, or print it out
    • If you do not have access to another device or a printer, you can add the eSIM manually by copying and pasting the Activation code into your phone
  • Once the eSIM is installed, rename it “Holafly Japan” for easy identification

Next, activation:

  • Once you arrive at your destination, go to Settings
  • Turn on your Holafly eSIM for mobile data and make sure “Data Roaming” is on

Of course, if you have any difficulties setting up your eSIM, Holafly has 24/7 English support to help you through the issues. You can contact Holafly via email ( or its Whatsapp number, +1 661 384 8482.

For in-depth guides and video instructions on how to install and activate your eSIM, please click the links below. We find the videos extremely helpful!

Holafly also recommends that you download the following PDF guides to ensure a smooth activation process if you are offline.

All done! Internet access made easy

Explore with reliable internet
Explore with reliable internet (Фотография: Holafly)

Pretty simple, right? From payment to set-up, Holafly’s eSIM is designed to take the stress and frustration out of internet connectivity while traveling, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your trip.

Learn more about Holafly and its products at

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