Virtual Event Invite: Tokyo's Past, Present, and Sustainability 2023

Explore a Sustainable and Thriving Tokyo

When: Mid Jan 2023

Our latest digital premier covers the important topic of sustainability in Tokyo. See how the most populous prefecture in Japan is working to create a sustainable living environment for more than 30 million residents within the urban metropolis as well as the surrounding mountain and island regions.

Discover the creative and exciting initiatives Tokyo is working on to improve our lives and find out what sustainability means to local residents and business owners as we take you through multiple interviews covering everything from bathhouses to beehives.

Virtual event (YouTube Premier):

Available January 16th, 10:00 am JST

What is sustainability? How is it applied to our lives and how does it work to make our lives easier and more comfortable? Our hosts explore these questions as they journey around the city and explore a few ways that sustainability is an essential part of the lives of Tokyo residents.

Tour Highlights

0:59 - Opening and Introductions

02:49 - What is Sustainability?

07:06 - Taito City Bathhouse Sustainability feat. Davide

11:42 - Indigo Dying Cultural Sustainability with Maria

18:07 - Chuo City Green Sustainability with Veronica

23:06 - Kozushima Island Sustainability

24:23 - Video Closing

Meet your hosts


Davide has been exploring Japan for more than three years and works as a travel agent and tour guide. Based in Tokyo, he enjoys nature, hiking, photography, and martial arts.


Julianna has been exploring all that Japan has to offer as well as working as a marketer and creative designer based in Tokyo. Julianna enjoys exploring many cultural locations and modern marvels as well as drawing, and video editing.


Maria has been passionate about Japan since a young age and enjoys exploring its beauty throughout the seasons, always on the hunt for local delicacies. Maria works in sales and HR based in Tokyo and likes singing karaoke and traveling.


For as long as she could remember, Veronica has had a passion for discovering new places and meeting new people. Veronica works as a content producer based in Tokyo and loves cats, reading historical fiction, and hiking.

About Tokyo Tokyo

You cannot visit the same Tokyo twice. The city is always changing in fun, unpredictable ways and creates new styles by mixing modernity and tradition, which is what the “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” logo and slogan are meant to communicate to travelers everywhere. Visit it today and discover YOUR Tokyo. Your new story starts here.



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