Moonlight Rose Garden 2022

A light-up event at the Ibaraki Flower Park

Venue: Ibaraki Flower Park When: Oct 15th - Nov 11th 2022

Home to a wide array of different blooms, the Ibaraki Flower Park is best known for its roses. At this time of year, around 800 varieties of autumn roses are in full bloom at the venue, and an illumination event running from mid-October until early November will highlight their beauty after dark.

The Moonlight Rose Garden will include around 3,500 lights illuminating an area of approximately 10,000 m², plus a variety of hands-on experiences such as making your own rose lantern.

After the Moonlight Rose Garden event ends on November 11th, it will be followed by the park's winter illumination event running through until late December.

Как добраться

The Ibaraki Flower Park is located approximately 20 minutes drive from either the Chiyoda-Ishioka IC or the Ishioka-Omitama Smart IC on the Joban Expressway.

For those using public transport, the venue is around 20 minutes by taxi from the JR Ishioka Station on the Joban Line.

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