Manjushage Festival

Breathtaking red carpet of spider lilies

Venue: Komahongo When: Mid Sep - Early Oct 2024

This carpet of over 5,000,000 bright red spider lilies beside the Koma River made it to the list of the top 30 reasons to visit Japan or really, the top 30 most beautiful places in Japan. So remarkable, in fact, that the Emperor and Empress of Japan came last year to see it for themselves. The entrance fee of ¥300 allows you to walk amongst the flowers and enter the festival area with all day stage events and food and souvenir booths.

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Manjushage Festival, Koma

Manjushage Festival, Koma

For fifty weeks of the year, the town of Koma (just 50 km from Ikebukuro, Tokyo) could be just about anywhere in rural Japan, ..


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Kinchakuda is about a 10 minute downhill walk from Koma Station (Seibu Chichibu Line). Koma Station is a little over an hour from Ikebukuro which makes it an easy day trip. Visitors are encouraged to take the train. Thousands of people come to see this yearly event and parking spaces are limited.