Spicy Festival 2023

Spice up your life in Shizuoka

Venue: Trial Park Kanbara When: Jan 21st - Jan 22nd 2023

If you're a fan of spicy food, a two-day event in Shizuoka this January is bound to set your tastebuds on fire. The Spicy Festival includes several restaurants and cafes serving up their spiciest dishes at Trial Park Kanbara, with choices like wasabi burgers, fried chicken with hot sauce, and green chili gyoza just a few of the options available.

Photo: Suruga Smile Co., Ltd.

If you do plan on attending the event, do note that the menu lineup differs on each day – the restaurant and cafes participating on the Saturday and the Sunday are listed below.

Photo: Suruga Smile Co., Ltd.
Photo: Suruga Smile Co., Ltd.

Admission is free, but bring some yen if you plan on grabbing a bite to eat.

Как добраться

Trial Park Kanbara is located approximately 10 minutes driving time from the Tomei Expressway's Fujikawa Smart IC. Free parking is available at the venue.

For those who are visiting via public transport, the park is around 5 minutes by taxi from Shinkanbara Station, which is served by the Tokaido Line.

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