Terror Night Aquarium

Explore the spooky side of marine life

Venue: Sunshine Aquarium When: Sep 8th - Nov 26th 2023

There are all kinds of incredible marine creatures in varying shapes, sizes, and colors, from majestic whales to tiny minnows and everything in between. Along with the breathtaking beauty that a lot of these creatures exhibit, there can often be elements of terror lurking in the depths – and that's what a new event at Sunshine Aquarium is set to explore.

The Terror Night Aquarium will take place in the evenings from September 8th until November 26th, and it focuses on the scary side of underwater creatures that doesn't often get much attention. From carnivorous piranhas to the "alien-like" warasubo eel found in the waters of the Ariake Sea, the event will make you look at marine life in an entirely different light.

The warasubo eel is known as the "alien of the Ariake"
The warasubo eel is known as the "alien of the Ariake" (Photo: Sunshine City Co., Ltd.)

Как добраться

Sunshine Aquarium can be accessed from Ikebukuro Station (exit 35) or Higashi-Ikebukuro Station (exit 6 or 7). More detailed information on how to get there from either station can be found on the Sunshine Aquarium website.

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