Ekoin: A Journey through Koyasan

Experience the center for Shingon Buddhism in Koyasan

От Jillian Engelhard Fosten   

Koyasan is the center for Shingon Buddhism and perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Japan. A great way to experience this unique and preserved culture is by staying in a temple. Ekoin is great option being just a stone's throw away from the famed Okunoin Cemetery. At Ekoin, you are invited to observe or take part in meditation and ceremonies, each of which are intricate and beautiful in their own right. Traditional breakfast and dinner is provided with your stay that you can eat while enjoying the gorgeous views the rooms have to offer. I would recommend that any traveler make this unique opportunity a must on their itinerary.

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Jillian Engelhard Fosten

Jillian Engelhard Fosten @jillian.engelhard.fosten863

Documentary filmmaker and photographer from California based in East England.

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