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Nihonbashi's cutlery store since 1792

От Sherilyn Siy   5 апр. 2018 г.

If you are satisfied with cheap, mass produced knives from the ¥100 shop, Kiya is not for you. Japan's most famous knife brand, established more than 200 years ago is only for the discriminating. Japanese dedicate specific knives for specific food items and at Kiya you can purchase a high-quality knife that has been especially crafted to best cut that food item. Their bestselling knife is the deba knife, a raw fish carver sharpened only on one side to separate bones with precision. When you invest in a good knife, you preserve the integrity of the food you are slicing or chopping, instead of losing all form and flavor onto the choping board due to a dull knife. Cutlery makes a great gift as it is considered a tool of good fortune. As a tribute to the quality of the work of skilled artisans, there is an art gallery right beside Kiya's shop featuring artistic quality handmade wares.

Как добраться

Easy access from Exit A7 of Mitsukoshimae Station of the Ginza Line or Hanzomon Line. Head towards COREDO.

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